Meet the Atlanta Dog Trainers at Peachtree Dog Training

Christina Dore- Head Dog Trainer & Owner

Christina Dore has always had a love and a natural understanding with dogs. It was only a matter of time before Christina became the professional Atlanta dog trainer and behavior specialist that she is today.

Dogs have always played an important role in Christina’s life. Since her introduction to canines and the hardships they can often face, due to completely treatable behavior issues, Christina always knew she wanted to assist dogs in some way or another. The deep connection and love she felt with dogs was not only a steady source of comfort, but also motivation. Christina pursued creative and technical writing, offering her services to artists, students, non-profits, and with local and national publications. Eventually, Christina also took up employment in a doggie daycare, where she made great friends and learned a lot about dog behavior, both good and bad. Consequently, her desire to understand the root of dog issues was strengthened, and she knew it was her time to aid her canine pals.

Her dog at the time, Moses (pictured above), was also a key inspiration to Christina and Peachtree Dog Training. Moses’s loving personality and excellent behavior motivated Christina and many of her training clients, but she also taught Christina everything on demonstrating on patience, compassion (for animals and their people), and unconditional love.

Combined with the many years of personal experience Christina has had with dogs, she has gone through a highly challenging dog training course with John Van Olden of Canine Trade Group. The course includes a thorough study of the scientific theories behind the modification of dog behavior and all areas of training from simple to complex. After completing hundreds of hours of training with all kinds of dogs and their owners under the mentorship of John , she is ready to set any one and any dog on the right path.

Christina starts all of her training in your home and gradually progresses into having lesson in places full of distractions. This professional, commitment-based training method ensures that your dog will be able to follow your commands anywhere, under any circumstances. She doesn’t just give you a set number of lessons, or provide you a limited amount of help with your dog either. Commitment-based dog training with Christina means that she will be available to help you until all of your goals are met with you and your dog.

She is also certified through PetTech to perform and teach Pet Rescue and CPR (dogs AND cats!) to pet owners and pet businesses that want to be prepared in cases of serious emergencies!

Christina has volunteered her training services for a variety of local rescues and non-profit organizations, Angels Among Us Pet RescueW-Underdogs, and more! She has a majestic black cat named Lord Asriel, and a goofy Pitbull named Agador Spartacus, who sometimes attends training lessons with her to act as her assistant! When Christina’s not busy working, she likes to dance, garden, read, and travel the world.

Natassia Chalmers – Atlanta Dog Trainer

Natassia’s love for dogs started at a very young age, when she had the opportunity to spend time with Austin and Murphy, two very special dogs belonging to her aunt and uncle. She was always amazed at how much time and effort her aunt and uncle put in to training their dogs, and she resolved to one day have well-trained pups of her own.

Still, it wasn’t until she was an adult and adopted an Akita named Bane that she discovered she wanted to spend the rest of her life working with dogs—especially those that were misunderstood or labeled hopeless cases. Bane’s training was more challenging and required different methods than Natassia’s previous dogs, and the experience really gave her an appreciation for the kind of personalized training offered by some trainers.

Natassia resolved to further educate herself on canine psychology and training methods and discovered the best option was a certification course offered by Canine Trade Group. After completion, she was invited to join the team of professional in-home dog trainers at Peachtree Dog Training. The certification course provided vast insight into the scientific study of behavioral modification as well as extensive hands-on training. With her newfound knowledge, she’s been able to help not only other owners and their pets, but also her current dog, a Great Dane named Singer.

Natassia is happy to have this opportunity to help owners and their beloved dogs strengthen their bond by creating an environment filled with trust and reliability. If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia area, she can help you, too!

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Laura Leitch – Atlanta Dog Trainer

Laura Leitch grew up knowing she wanted to work with animals. After graduating college, she went to work with a local Atlanta rescue, where she worked in the kennel and cemented her passion for rescue. She then became the dog foster and adoption manager there and fell deeply in love with working with dogs. Training a shepherd mix named DeSoto had Laura bitten by the dog training bug, and she continued to train shelter dogs throughout her time in rescue.

When Laura moved to work with an open intake county shelter, she knew she wanted to be part of the solution in keeping dogs in their homes. After seeing up close and personal how many dogs were surrendered for easily solvable behavior problems, she decided to pursue a career in dog training. Laura enjoys helping pet owners solve their dog’s behavior problems and have a happy, peaceful home.
Laura lives with her six cats and continues to foster for local rescues. When she’s not working, she enjoys showing her three horses in the hunter divisions. She is also pursuing a graduate degree in nonprofit management and hopes to one day have her own rescue where she can help Atlanta’s unwanted animals.
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