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Dog Training for New Parents

New babies are always little bundles of joy for a family. Their entrance into this world affects the whole family, including the pets! Most dogs have a natural instinct and understanding of a baby’s delicate nature. Still, even with the most child-friendly dog, there is still a possible chance the dog might not understand or adjust well to a new family and pack member.

Before a baby, a dog may be accustomed to receiving all of your attention. Perhaps a dog has never been around a moving baby carriage, and consequently, now shows some nervousness around it. Those routines you and your dog had established before the baby are suddenly changing now, and the dog is unsure how to properly respond to these inevitable inconsistencies.


Basic obedience & much more!

Before and after the birth, our Atlanta dog trainer, Christina Dore, will see to it that there are no obedience problems with the dog, such as jumping (especially on the baby, or on pregnant mom!), nipping, destructive habits, aggressive play, etc. She will also look to make sure that the dog does not become territorially aggressive, be it over the home, the family, or even the baby. Along with establishing a rock solid foundation of recall, focus and obedience, Christina will help the dog develop skills specifically geared for the baby. Such examples include calm walking/heeling with the baby stroller, good manners when the owner holds the baby, gentle demeanor and respect for the baby, etc.

Create a safe environment for everyone!

The expectant parent dog training program here in Atlanta is set up to create a safe environment for a newborn baby, and to prepare the dog for this family addition and the changes that come along with it. While still implementing our reward-based philosophy, the dog will learn how to behave and build a successful, trusting relationship with the baby.

If you are already a parent who just recently welcomed a new baby, and are worried about your dog’s behavior, change is still possible and this program can help you and your family! Through this training, we teach all parents (current or expecting) how to create a consistent environment for the dog, and then maintain that consistency once the baby enters the picture.

Here at Peachtree Dog Training, we always strive to keep families together and to make sure that no dog needs to be sent away to a shelter, due to completely treatable behavioral problems. With our Cribs and Canines, we aim for the same exact thing, where we can help create a smooth transition for the dog and baby, thus keeping the ENTIRE family safe and happy!


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