Problem Prevention Through Puppy Training 

Our dog training in Atlanta wants to resolve any behavior issue, no matter the dog’s size, breed, or age. Dogs can learn at just about any age—from an eight-week-old puppy to a gray, double-digit aged dog. When a puppy is old enough to leave its mother, it can begin training immediately! Training a puppy might not seem like a big deal, or maybe it might seem “too soon” at such a young age. This is actually a prime time to begin laying out your expectations and showing your puppy how to be a happy, well-behaved family member.

Peachtree Dog Training Atlanta specializes in aggression, anxiety, and puppy training.

We’re so excited to begin training with Bijoux!

By starting early, you can help your puppy learn appropriate behaviors, before they have the opportunity to form bad habits and behaviors. It’s not a guarantee that your dog will be perfect without any issues, but it reduces the chance of problematic behaviors, such an anxiety, aggression, destruction, disobedience, and more. When we begin working with puppies, we start with the very basics. Any advanced work, such as recall or focus-building exercises, comes later once we lay a foundation down for the puppy to stand upon.

I signed up a client who just adopted a three-month-old Pomeranian named Bijoux. Being a “teacup” breed, Bijoux’s owner wanted to make sure her puppy defied the stereotypes of the smaller dogs. She was adamant on ensuring her and Bijoux did not fall under the “Little Dog Syndrome” category, where little dogs often get a pass on bad behaviors due to their size. It was refreshing to see a little-dog owner understand that ANY dog of ANY size is completely capable of being confident and behaved. Little dogs may be prone to experiencing anxiety and fear more because of their size, but with consistent leadership from their owners and desensitizing can prevent fear or anxiety from manifesting in the first place!

When we begin working with Bijoux, we’re not going to rush her on things, but focus on setting her up for success and on the basic things, such as potty training, confidence-building, chewing/nipping redirection, and commands like “Sit” or “Down”. Once she becomes acclimated and begins maturing more, we’ll introduce more challenging training exercises that will continue to increase her confidence and adopt better manners. We’ll also go over socialization and gradual desensitization, rather than flooding her with too much stimuli. We aim to help Bijoux early on so that once she’s older, she’ll be more prepared to deal with distractions, and already understand how to behave appropriately in the home and outside!

If you want to set our puppy or dog up for success, call us for training! We can eliminate problems or prevent them from happening the first place! Contact us at 800-649-7297 to schedule an initial in-home consultation!